Friday, March 27, 2009

beauty lies within

saw an old lady at dadar station begging for alms, with an unforgetable aura arnd her .tried my best to pen down what i saw.....

dark black eyes,
with the covering of cataract;

deep cheeks and a wrinkled face;

thousand small lines,
running deep in every direction;

grey hair with shades of black;

dark pale skin,
burnt by a thousand suns;

teeth some left, pitted and brown;

thick veins flowing deep,
perhaps the only sign of life;

a stick in hand &
a humble rugged nine yard saree.

and then, she gave me that smile:

such energy,such intensity,
such aura ,such charm,
such radiance,i had never seen.

mesmerized i was,for a while
for the beauty that was within,
under the surface it lies
there in the soul,beneath that skin.