Sunday, October 3, 2010


For someone with little interest in the way transistors worked, festivals were one of the best things to happen. It all started in the first year of college. Curios to know what actually happened in these college fest, me and a certain bespectacled Thanekar decided to volunteer for the college festival. Robotics had this big 'it' thing attached with it. So dreaming of building Robos we decided to volunteer for the same event. We happened to pick up thousand bricks from the erstwhile SPCE gymkhana area to the QUAD, do all the laborious work, built a track,bunked classes, had food at shetty's..did almost everything except for building that Robo. But eventually we couldnt help falling in love with this festival..we were in love with Nirmaan..

Infact college was more about festivals and organising events. It gave us a high. It bonded us. It made us happy.Be it anything, picking up bricks to raking in the moolah. To sell almost everything and anything under the sky. to come up with numbers (Badri, remember the LIC pitch?). to wander around juhu beach and convince some gola wala to put up the stall (and to go back months later to juhu and find out the gola wala recognising you and refusing to accept any money). to fool around people only to realise it always came back to bite you in the back. to fight with the system. to come up with weirdo promotional events. to go visit companies and occassionally try and hit on the receptionists, with little success of course ( u see we are engineers). to go live on a radio and goof up big have a night out a day before in college and chill. to spend the night on the college roof and just talk. to sleep in the quad. to have vadapav at the station at 4 in the morning. to go for night publicity, whatever that leave everything to the last minute. to like never have sufficient money for anything. to constantly seek reimbursement. to see the festival take shape. to live those two days. to thrive in chaos. to see the security junta fight for t shirts. to see harry potter quiz being a supre hit in a technical festival. to see people backing out at the last minute. at the very same time find a new bunch joining in to help out. to understand people. and more than anything else to understand yourself better...and the list goes endless..

I terribly miss college. U actaully realise when u are no longer there. I attended Nirmaan this time. was surprised to find most of the college junta missing. the whole point of me comming out of the slumber and writing this post is to let people know what they are missing. Guys dont, trust me u are missing something big in life. be a part of it.There will be differences. there always will be. its ok. They just add to the clour. But dont let it keep you away. And the lazy -do din chutti mila types- GPL. The loss is me, it is. So the next time some of us oldies come to college, i expect a packed quad. And then, we shall together shout Ae Ae Ae Ae hagga...

p.s- nice to know people actually visit this blog. would appreciate if you dropped ina comment. will motivate this lazy ass to pen down his chaotic thoughts occassionaly ..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 random things..

  1. its pouring cats and dogs out here.. and there goes my weekend, washed away. wonder why it doesnt pour torrentially on a weekday, monday should be just fine.
  2. started with my job. finished training. hectic. perhaps the only time in my life when i had to leave home before 7 and return back real late for two consecutive weeks..*achievement*.( and pratap i was on time).
  3. the work culture is ridiculously simple..just finish the work and go home ..which translates to "stay back till whatever time. do whatever you have to, but get the work done."
  4. gradually getting addicted to coffee... coffee shots have been providing great respite.. miss cutting chai though..
  5. shopping is a me it is..a shopping consultant would really help.(no wonder women and shopping go together)
  6. andheri should be the only place in the world, where you pee from the rooftop and it i m serious.. absolutely pathetic infrastructure..
  7. finding a rickshaw to chakala is almost equivalent to the probability of venkatesh prasad bowling at 140 kmph.that should explain.
  8. miss college... and now that i have mentioned it miss it still more.
  9. one of my friends, left for uncle sam's country last week.. couldn't meet her ..bad.. and now the rest to follow her this comming week. doston do well .. all the very best..for once forget abt blondes & brunettes and focus on the job.
  10. finally managed to write something *relief*.
khuda hafiz .. take care.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the opportuned and the less opportunate.....

strange were the ways, that baffled him . a dominoe of thoughts taking him always, he was lost.surrendered at the hands of philosophy,the depth of which just got deeper with time.his clueless mind wandered in aimless direction..

"doing people" is a good thing . in fact the best of the things. sometimes it may force you to reflect upon yourself .ask you questions that can trap you in the maze of complexity.throughout the domain of the trip he was privileged to meet some great people. 'her' people, in their own land ;yet in a different world.

miles they had walked .the blackish soil had changed its colour to assume more of a reddish-black shade.the water hardened as they moved interiors,with a diffferent distinct taste.the sun got harsher with the day.the wind maneuvered course often..the nature around was very evident with its variation .
change was constant, he thought. untill he found an exception to this rule . it was the rampant lack of opportunities. something that seemed to bind his country men more strongly than their own nationality.

on that dark verandah, a small, grimly lit, 12w bulb was the only source of light. some kids were lazying around.his glance fell upon a boy, sitting in the corner with a small book in his hand, that steely determination in his eyes... what followed was a moment of retrospection. a certain thought nagged him down ..
"why he who is opportuned fails to achieve and he who can achieve is less opportunate" he thought...

people came back with souveniors, some with the stick they carried throughout. some with the piece of cloth ,and most with teh memories. he came back with a promise, a promise to come back again some day, to opportune the less opportunate....

p.s- this is just a collection of randomly scribbled thoughts without much of a flow. the author is not 2 be blamed for the sense-less-ness of the post.