Saturday, April 17, 2010

the opportuned and the less opportunate.....

strange were the ways, that baffled him . a dominoe of thoughts taking him always, he was lost.surrendered at the hands of philosophy,the depth of which just got deeper with time.his clueless mind wandered in aimless direction..

"doing people" is a good thing . in fact the best of the things. sometimes it may force you to reflect upon yourself .ask you questions that can trap you in the maze of complexity.throughout the domain of the trip he was privileged to meet some great people. 'her' people, in their own land ;yet in a different world.

miles they had walked .the blackish soil had changed its colour to assume more of a reddish-black shade.the water hardened as they moved interiors,with a diffferent distinct taste.the sun got harsher with the day.the wind maneuvered course often..the nature around was very evident with its variation .
change was constant, he thought. untill he found an exception to this rule . it was the rampant lack of opportunities. something that seemed to bind his country men more strongly than their own nationality.

on that dark verandah, a small, grimly lit, 12w bulb was the only source of light. some kids were lazying around.his glance fell upon a boy, sitting in the corner with a small book in his hand, that steely determination in his eyes... what followed was a moment of retrospection. a certain thought nagged him down ..
"why he who is opportuned fails to achieve and he who can achieve is less opportunate" he thought...

people came back with souveniors, some with the stick they carried throughout. some with the piece of cloth ,and most with teh memories. he came back with a promise, a promise to come back again some day, to opportune the less opportunate....

p.s- this is just a collection of randomly scribbled thoughts without much of a flow. the author is not 2 be blamed for the sense-less-ness of the post.