Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 random things..

  1. its pouring cats and dogs out here.. and there goes my weekend, washed away. wonder why it doesnt pour torrentially on a weekday, monday should be just fine.
  2. started with my job. finished training. hectic. perhaps the only time in my life when i had to leave home before 7 and return back real late for two consecutive weeks..*achievement*.( and pratap i was on time).
  3. the work culture is ridiculously simple..just finish the work and go home ..which translates to "stay back till whatever time. do whatever you have to, but get the work done."
  4. gradually getting addicted to coffee... coffee shots have been providing great respite.. miss cutting chai though..
  5. shopping is a me it is..a shopping consultant would really help.(no wonder women and shopping go together)
  6. andheri should be the only place in the world, where you pee from the rooftop and it i m serious.. absolutely pathetic infrastructure..
  7. finding a rickshaw to chakala is almost equivalent to the probability of venkatesh prasad bowling at 140 kmph.that should explain.
  8. miss college... and now that i have mentioned it miss it still more.
  9. one of my friends, left for uncle sam's country last week.. couldn't meet her ..bad.. and now the rest to follow her this comming week. doston do well .. all the very best..for once forget abt blondes & brunettes and focus on the job.
  10. finally managed to write something *relief*.
khuda hafiz .. take care.


Yugandhar said...

the big man speaks!! no corporate masala policy? :P i guess JP 'murugan' is teaching you quite a lot...:)

Sanket said...

Keep Writing!

Rishi said...

agree with sanket... keep writing,,, whenever u can

pratap said...

the 10 point program sounds good, and it is a good thing you go on time no?