Thursday, November 6, 2008

mein aur meri kavita-2

the other day i saw a woman running in the middle of the a hurry,carrying something in her hand .and just couple of minutes later i saw a school bus,speeding past me away .the very superposition of these two images ,coupled with some assumptions , gave me goosebumps and led this poem ...

running up the lane,
gasping for breath;

drops of perspiration on her forehead,
that concern in her eyes;
healthy,middle-aged and in a hurry,
was that lady in a saree.

it looked a bit awkward,
running in the middle of the street going upwards.
it looked a bit strange,
looking at those expressions on her face.

and then...

she suddenly stopped in the middle,
helplessly,looking at the school bus;
that vroomed,zoomed and sped away.

and thats when my gaze fell on her hands,

that gripped a tiffin box and a water-bottle,
tightly in their gasp.

awed i stood there looking at her.
not knowing what to say,

not knowing what to do .
thousand emotions running through my mind;
for strange are the forms of a mother's love.

all i did was all i cud
salute that spirit of motherhood...


Sanket said...

I think PCT project has made an impact on you...writing bout motherhood...Nice poem though

anand said...

1.thanks man
2.impact-i hope it did ..for the evolution of a retard ..

Angel Eyes said...

It hits you...!! you and your kavita...not bad :D

$m@rTPrEeT| said...

I agree with the above does hit you..Really wonderful

Gurtej said...

like the last two lines a lot!!! good work sir!!